Alex Kurtzman Welcomes Fans to the “New”

Alex Kurtzman on

Alex Kurtzman on

Yesterday, September 8th, was the 53rd anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek, and to commemorate the occasion, released a video of Alex Kurtzman, welcoming fans to their revamped website.

The video begins with Kurtzman reaffirming the core tenets of Star Trek: “love, family, friendship, courage, sacrifice, and above all — grand, limitless optimism”. He goes on to paraphrase Captain Pike from Star Trek: Discovery in saying “Star Trek is [...] a promise. And it’s a promise we intend on following through with”

While has been operating with a new look for a couple months now, it’s been more of a soft launch. They have been working on covering breaking news such as Comic Con and STLV, recruiting content authors with their new submissions policy, and diversifying the type of content they produce. That new content has not been without controversy, however. William Shatner criticized a recent post comparing Beyonce and Captain Kirk, tweeting, “Oh @StarTrek. You need a new temp running your social media accounts.”

But Kurtzman emphasized that the motivation for the revamped site is to serve the fans, saying “Whether you’re a fan who watched episodes that aired after nightly broadcasts filled with news out of Vietnam, or someone who came to Trek in 2017 because you love Michelle Yeoh as much as I do, Star Trek is for you. And we want to make sure you don’t feel left behind.”

Kurtzman closed out the video by extending an invitation to all fans: “Let’s move forward together into this amazing, inspiring, ever-growing universe that you’ve all played such a huge part in building. Thank you all, and welcome home. Happy Star Trek Day.”

This article was written for the podcast Daily Star Trek News.

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