Charlotte’s Star Trek Musical Vegan Dinner Theater

An article in the Charlotte Observer out of Charlotte, North Carolina, highlights an upcoming fringe performance, under the headline: “Star Trek musical vegan dinner theater.”

The pair of musician Molly Jay, and vegan chef Julia Simon have put together a musical dinner theater event called “St4r Tr3k: The Conway Maneuver”, at Petra’s bar. From the event description: “We’ll be Boldly Going Where No Woman Has Gone Before to exotic, far away places (or at least, a nearby starbase). You’ll meet some familiar(ish) characters and some newly formed entities, eat other-worldy vegan fare created by Chef Julia Simon, and be treated to an entirely original story and score by Molly Jay, performed by renowned local actors and musicians. Trek on over and have a good time, man.”

Jay is careful to point out that the show isn’t just for die-hard fans: “Star Trek can be intimidating if you haven’t watched it. The story here is fairly accessible for people who aren’t super into Star Trek. It touches on the cultural consciousness as far as being aware of Star Trek. It’s incredibly silly, zany and low-budget and we’re embracing all of that.”

“St4r Tr3k: The Conway Maneuver” is on for two performances only, June 6th and June 20th. And please, if anyone out there listening attends...pick me up a coaster?

Alison Pitt