Chris Pine to Play John Dean in Amazon Studios Upcoming Biopic

"Chris Pine"    by    Gage Skidmore    is licensed under    CC BY-SA 2.0

Star Trek’s Chris Pine, Quentin Tarantino’s first or second favorite Captain Kirk, is reportedly attached to a new Amazon Studios original film in development.

Variety reported last week that Pine, who also starred in 2017’s Wonder Woman, will play John Dean, best known for his role in the Watergate scandal, in a film about his life. According to the piece, “[Dean] served as White House counsel for President Richard Nixon from July 1970 through April 1973. [...] Billed by the press as a “connoisseur of cover-ups,” Dean became a crucial Nixon whistle-blower by offering testimony that implicated the president in the historic cover-up. In exchange, he served four months of house arrest and plead guilty to obstruction of justice. He’s since written numerous books and serves as a political commentator. In recent years, he’s been highly critical of the Republican party and President Donald Trump.”

The film will be executive produced by John Dean himself and his manager Rick Berg. Up-and-coming screenwriter Evan Parter will write the script.

The Variety piece failed to note a timeline for the production of the film.

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