Cody Rhodes Wore Star Trek Command Red at AEW’s All Out

AEW All-Elite Wrestling + Star Trek

AEW All-Elite Wrestling + Star Trek

I love it when a couple of fandoms with strong fanbases get to have a genuine crossover. That happened this weekend, when the world of professional wrestling intersected with the world of Star Trek. (in its second appearance in today’s show) reported that Cody Rhodes, one of the stars of All Elite Wrestling, made an appearance in this weekend’s All Out pay-per-view event, wearing Star Trek gear. Quoting the piece: “Cody Rhodes entered the ring decked out in gear representative of the commanding officers of Star Trek: Voyager and The Next Generation era Starfleet uniforms. Accompanying him was veteran Diamond Dallas Page, also fittingly wearing a commanding officer's uniform, and Brandi Rhodes went all out herself with a suit reminiscent of Voyager's breakaway favorite Seven of Nine.”

Cynics might be inclined to assume that the stunt was an attempt to capitalize on the current marketing machine behind Star Trek, but there’s probably a simpler explanation: Cody Rhodes is a Star Trek fan. As far back as 2017, he responded on Twitter to a fan asking whether he and fellow wrestler Kenny Omega would remain friends after that year’s International Wrestling Grand Prix championship. Rhodes said simply, “I hope. We both are fans of Star Trek TNG…”

All Elite Wrestling (or AEW) is a new wrestling promotion founded just this year. The All Out event was its final pay-per-view event before it starts its new spot on broadcast television. AEW will air weekly in two-hour slots on TNT, from October of this year. According to Wikipedia, “CBS Sports described AEW as ‘the first company with major financial backing to take a swing at beginning to compete with WWE on a major level in nearly two decades.’”

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