Film Commissioner Responsible for Bringing Star Trek back to California To Leave Post

The woman who brought the Picard Show to Southern California is leaving her post.

Deadline reported late last week that California’s Film Commissioner, Amy Lemisch, will be leaving her post on May 10th. Lemisch is the Executive Director of the California Film Commission, or CFC, which hands out $330 million dollars in annual tax credits to TV and film projects, including the currently-filming Star Trek series starring Patrick Stewart as an aging Jean-Luc Picard.

That Lemisch is leaving her post does not come as a surprise to Deadline; the Film Commissioner is appointed by the governor, and Governor Gavin Newsom just took office in January. From the piece: “A big supporter of the state’s revamped tax incentives program, this is actually Newsom’s first direct move regarding the program and the CFC since taking office in January. No word on who he has in mind to run the Film Commission or fill other top spots.”

The next round of TV applications are due to the CFC in late May, with allocations to be announced in late June or early July; film applications are due late June, with allocations to be announced in August.

Alison Pitt