Jason Isaacs: the Return of Prime Lorca “Should Happen when People Least Expect It”

Jason Isaacs, Kenneth Mitchell and Jayne Brook, on stage at Star Trek Las Vegas 2019

Jason Isaacs, Kenneth Mitchell and Jayne Brook, on stage at Star Trek Las Vegas 2019

Jason Isaacs doesn’t seem to be ready to give up his place in Star Trek, just yet.

In an interview with SyfyWire this week, while discussing the cancellation of his show The OA, the conversation turned to fan theories...and those about Star Trek in particular. SyfyWire asked Isaacs whether he spent time reading fan theories, and he responded, “The sensible and cool thing to say is, no, I just do the work and move on, but the answer is I read every single punctuation mark and syllable. It's exciting to know that people are as engaged imaginatively in the show as we were when we were making it, and particularly the projects I care about.”

Isaacs said his favorite fan theory pertains to the whereabouts of the prime universe counterpart of his character from Star Trek: Discovery season one, Captain Lorca. He said, “Mostly the thing about Star Trek is people want to know where's Prime Lorca, because Mirror Lorca swapped, so obviously Prime Lorca's somewhere. Did he die? Is he alive? Will we ever see him again?” Isaacs continued, teasing: “The answer is it's Star Trek. If you know anything about Star Trek, everything is possible. It should happen when people least expect it.”

He also revealed that he knew about the “big Lorca twist” in Discovery, right from the beginning. “I knew everything,” he said. “If you watch it more than once, and dare I say that most Star Trek fans have it watched it more than once, you'll see that I drop a million breadcrumbs and clues all the way through.”

Star Trek: Discovery seasons one and two are streaming now on CBS All Access and other services around the globe, and season one is out to rent or buy on home video now. You can watch Jason Isaacs in his latest role, as the voice of the Emperor in Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, out on Netflix, today.

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