Karl Urban Thinks Paramount Would be “Insane” to Pass on a Tarantino Star Trek Film

"Karl Urban"    by    Gage Skidmore    is licensed under    CC BY-SA 2.0

A possible Quentin Tarantino Star Trek film is the Hollywood idea that just won’t go away. Karl Urban has now weighed in, and he seems to be all for it.

In an interview with the Huffington Post over the weekend, the Kelvin timeline Dr McCoy actor said that a Tarantino Trek film would be “phenomenal”. He elaborated: “[Tarantino] is definitely one of the most exciting filmmakers that’s currently working and if he has an interest in making a ‘Star Trek’ film, I think the studio would be insane not to let him do that.”

While expressing interest in the project, Urban did clarify that he doesn’t have any first-hand knowledge of it, saying, “This is a project that I have no information about, really...I haven’t read a script for it, but I understand the basic concept of it.”

The Huffington Post closed out the interview by quoting Urban’s desire to be a part of a Tarantino film, if it worked out. He said, “Obviously, I’d very much relish the opportunity to be a part of it if it came to be.”

Karl Urban is currently doing the media round publicizing his latest television project The Boys, which recently premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Alison Pitt