Maja Vrvilo Completes Star Trek: Picard Episodes 5 and 6

Maja Vrvilo on Twitter

Maja Vrvilo on Twitter

Filming on Star Trek: Picard episodes 5 and 6 has apparently completed.

Director Maja Vrvilo posted a picture on Twitter yesterday confirming that her time on Picard was done. The tweet read, “And... that’s a wrap. For me, at least.” The accompanying picture was of a clapperboard with the text, “STAR TREK PICARD”, “MAJA VRVILO”, “PHILIP LANYON”.

If those two names sound familiar, they should. Both Vrvilo and Philip Lanyon have worked on Star Trek before. Vrvilo’s past directing credits include the Short Trek “Runaway” (that’s the one with Po) and the Discovery season 2 episode “Perpetual Infinity” (that’s the one where Burnham finally meets her mom). Lanyon, a cinematographer, filmed the Short Trek “The Brightest Star” (with the Kelpiens) and the Discovery season 2 episode “The Sound of Thunder” (also with the Kelpiens). Lanyon is listed as the cinematographer for 6 episodes of Star Trek: Picard.

Expect more Star Trek: Picard news in the next few days, as CBS kicks off its big showing at San Diego Comic Con, whose doors open today.

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