Michael Chabon: That’s a Wrap on Star Trek: Picard Season One

Michael Chabon on Instagram

Michael Chabon on Instagram

Star Trek: Picard has finished filming season one.

Over the weekend, writer and series showrunner Michael Chabon posted a selfie on Instagram, with the caption “That’s a shooting wrap on Season One of #startrekpicard. There have been so many incredible moments, so many life and career high points, but for a 45-plus-year #startrek fan, visiting the sacred Gorn-haunted grounds of #Arena was a peak.” Chabon was stood with another crewmember in front of the iconic Vasquez Rocks in California, the scene where the now-famous battle was filmed between Captain Kirk and the Gorn captain in the TOS episode “Arena”.

The post initially garnered some controversy as it appeared that the crewmember in the background was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat. One commenter noted, “The MAGA hat feels really off brand”. Chabon later updated the caption of the post to clarify: “the text on the hat worn by the very kind and lovely human in the bg reads MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN, to answer a question posted by a number of you.”

As a reminder, Star Trek: Picard was filmed principally in California, unlike Star Trek: Discovery, which films in Toronto. Star Trek: Picard now enters the post-production phase, and it is still expected to premiere in early 2020.

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