Michelle Paradise on Discovery’s Future

Star Trek: Discovery’s jump into the future was planned for much longer than many of us may have been aware of.

In an interview with TrekMovie yesterday, producer Michelle Paradise revealed that the decision of how to end season 2 was made before she joined the show, midway through. She said: “I wasn’t there when they originally made that decision. That was made even before the season started. They knew that was where they were going.”

The interview also features the best confirmation to date that Discovery has jumped to the year 3187, but Paradise steers away from confirming who will or will not be returning as part of the cast. She said: “certainly some of the crew members would have left. You will have to wait until season three to find out who, if it is anyone.”

She also mentioned that she knows many fans love the Saurian Linus and that she is - and I quote - “sure [he’ll] be fine”.

In a previous TrekMovie article, it’s been said that production on Discovery season 3 will start in July.

Alison Pitt