More Details on the Home Video Release of the Deep Space Nine Documentary What We Left Behind

First, some housekeeping, with more details around the home video release of What We Left Behind.

TrekCore brings us news that the makers of the crowdfunded DS9 doc sent a special update yesterday to backers of its massive fundraising campaign. In the update, which appears to be in reaction to the release announcement showed before last night’s screenings, the team addressed concerns that supporters have not been told about pre-release dates of donation rewards.

TrekCore quotes the update: “In the coming days, you may see news about home video release plans and dates through our distribution partners at Shout! Factory. Rest assured, we’re currently finishing up bonus content for your Indiegogo backer DVDs & Blu-Ray combo packs, and will be sharing release plans very soon.

As we’ve always intended, these disk sets will start shipping to you BEFORE they are out anywhere else on shelves and released publicly. Stay tuned for final details on this in the next week or so!”

Alison Pitt