New Star Trek: Picard Trailer Shows More Action, and the Rikers

CBS made the most of its appearance at New York Comic Con this past weekend, and premiered the latest Star Trek: Picard trailer during its main stage panel on Saturday afternoon. The two-minute and forty-five second trailer offers our best look yet at the action to come in the new series, and it revealed the series premiere date of January 23rd, 2020.

The trailer opens with Picard walking in his vineyard, something we’ve seen before. Then Picard has what appears to be a dream sequence starring his old friend Data, before launching into the action. Picard is visited at his vineyard by the mysterious Dahj, asking for his help. Starfleet won’t listen, so instead, he appears to seek support from elsewhere, on his own. In addition to the cast we’ve already seen, we also get our first looks at Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh, and Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis as Will Riker and Deanna Troi.

In the trailer, we see again the familiar Earth-bound sets of the Chateau Picard vineyard and Starfleet Headquarters. We also get longer and more action-filled shots of space battles and ground combat, including Picard swordfighting and Seven of Nine wielding dual phaser rifles. This trailer sets a tone for the new series that is full of mystery and action, both.

You can view the trailer for yourself on YouTube. Once again, Star Trek: Picard will premiere on January 23rd, 2020, on CBS All Access in the United States, and it will run weekly for the duration of the 10-week series. According to the press release, Star Trek: Picard will also be distributed internationally on Amazon Prime Video, and in Canada on Bell Media’s Sci-Fi Channel and Crave, although CBS have failed to clarify the exact start date.

This article was written for the podcast Daily Star Trek News.

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