Sir Patrick Stewart: “Possibility of a Second Picard Series Filming in March Next Year”

Sir Patrick Stewart in  Star Trek: Picard

Sir Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard

Sir Patrick Stewart has hinted at Star Trek: Picard filming series two early next year., part of the Huddersfield Daily Examiner in the UK, reported that Stewart made an unannounced visit to the University of Huddersfield, where he is an Emeritus Chancellor. While in town, he was given a tour of the University’s new School of Art, Design and Architecture.

According to the piece, “Sir Patrick returned to the UK after filming Star Trek: Picard in the United States and rang up the university saying he was ‘just passing’ and wanted to pop in.” Stewart is a Huddersfield-area native, having been born in Mirfield, less than 10 miles from the Northern English town.

During his visit, Stewart told the University of Huddersfield he doesn’t regard his return to Picard as “going back”. He said, “In fact we are definitely moving the series forward and that’s what made the difference for me. [...] We are looking at a new world with new objectives, problems, and issues that could not have been raised when we were making The Next Generation and I found that very exciting.” He went on to address how he thinks fans will view the new series: “It’s very exciting and people will be surprised and perhaps even shocked.”

Stewart is well-known for his previous experience as a Shakespearean actor. When asked if he would return to the stage, he said he would, but it may have to wait while he finishes current work commitments...which might include a Picard season two. He said “I am not giving up my stage work, though it may have to wait for now because there are three projects that I have finished, two films and the TV series, which all need promotion. So I am clearing the decks for that and then there is also the possibility of a second Picard series filming in March next year.”

Very exciting stuff. As for Star Trek: Picard season one, it’s currently in post-production and expected to premier in early 2020.

Correction: This story originally referred to (The Huddersfield Daily Examiner) as the source of the interview. This was incorrect. It was the University of Huddersfield who conducted the interview.

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