Star Trek: Discovery Was the World’s Most Popular Streaming Show in April

We already know that Star Trek: Discovery was a success in its role as a streaming-exclusive feature TV show. But we didn’t know quite how good it was, until this week.

ScreenRant brings us the news that Star Trek: Discovery was the single biggest streaming show in April. From the piece: “According to Parrot Analytics, a data analytics firm who measure demand for TV shows across the globe, Star Trek: Discovery season 2 was a measurable hit. Between April 6 and May 5...Star Trek: Discovery was the most in-demand digital original series worldwide.”

Rounding out the top 10:

  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, from Netflix

  • Cobra Kai, from YouTube Red

  • The Grand Tour, from Amazon Prime

  • Doom Patrol, from DC Universe

  • Narcos, from Netflix

  • Stranger Things, from Netflix

  • The Umbrella Academy, from Netflix

  • The Handmaid’s Tale, from Hulu

  • The Act, from Hulu

Quoting the ScreenRant piece again: “While this period covers the Star Trek: Discovery season 2 finale, it also includes two weeks afterward, suggesting audiences kept discussing the show online and even rewatching episodes. The figures are particularly striking given the show's perceived divisiveness amongst the traditional Star Trek fanbase; it suggests that, in spite of vocal criticisms, Discovery has succeeded in both finding and enthusing its audience.”

Alison Pitt