Star Trek: Lower Decks Cast Revealed at San Diego Comic Con

Star Trek: Lower Decks  at San Diego Comic Con 2019

Star Trek: Lower Decks at San Diego Comic Con 2019

Star Treks Picard and Discovery weren’t the only Star Trek series to feature at the big Hall H panel at Comic Con this weekend. We also got new details about the upcoming adult animated series Lower Decks.

Mike McMahan, best known for his work on Rick and Morty, gave a quick synopsis of the setting and the type of stories we can expect in the show. He said, “it focuses on four ensigns who are serving on a not important ship in Starfleet. [...] There's social, emotional stories mixed in with sci-fi stories because every Star Trek is kind of about a family. And our show is also about a family. [...] It was really important to me that even though we're a comedy, the comedy does not come from punching down on track or making fun of tropes. It feels like every episode is a real Star Trek episode, but we're focusing on people in the ship who are funny and, and that you will love.”

McMahan also revealed that episodes will be half an hour long, and that the series will take place in 2380, right after the events of the film Star Trek: Nemesis.

Several members of the cast of Lower Decks were also revealed in the panel: the main cast of ensigns will be played by Tawny Newsome, Eugene Cordero, Noel Wells, and Jack Quaid. Also appearing in the show will be Dawnn Lewis, who you might remember, like I do, from A Different World, and Jerry O’Connell, whose extensive credits include Stand By Me (which also starred Trek alum Wil Wheaton) and the TV show Sliders. Lewis and O’Connell will both be playing members of the bridge crew, who McMahan says don’t know the show isn’t about them.

CBS also showed some images of the cast - in their animated forms, of course.

Alison Pitt