Star Trek: Picard Finally Gets a Title!

The biggest news of the day is also - possibly - the smallest news of the day.

Star Trek: Picard finally has a title...and it’s Star Trek: Picard. I kind of wish I was joking, but we’ll come onto that in a moment.

I’ve been bringing you news from the network “upfronts” all week - where television studios present their Fall lineups to industry execs and advertisers. CBS, one of the later players in the game, just gave their presentation yesterday, and in it, gave us our first concrete information about the new Picard show. From “Star Trek: Picard is the official title of the upcoming CBS All Access series starring Patrick Stewart, it was revealed [...] at the CBS upfront presentation for advertisers in New York City. The show’s logo was also displayed for the very first time.”

The logo reveal is reminiscent of a similar move by CBS back in 2017 when Star Trek: Discovery was in production...A simple, text logo against a dark background, incorporating the iconic “delta” symbol. In Picard’s case, the delta replaces the “A” in “PICARD”.

During the upfronts, Buzzfeed reporter Kate Aurthur captured a screenshot of a short clip of the Picard series that was shown on the big screen, and tweeted it much excitement from Star Trek fans. Senior Film Reporter for Buzzfeed, Adam B. Vary later clarified the shot, saying: “To all @StarTrek fans: Yes, this shot is from a brief clip of the new #Picard show. No, Kate doesn't have it, it aired during CBS' upfront presentation in NYC. Yes, that looks like a DS9-era Federation uniform, but the clip isn't public yet, so WE WILL ALL JUST HAVE TO WAIT.”

I know a lot of fans will be excited to have our first glance of Sir Patrick Stewart back in costume, and I’m sure they are equally pleased that the producers have finally chosen a name. Personally, I’m a little disappointed. I had a whole list of potential names lined up, and not that they asked me, but was Star Trek: Picard the best they could do? I mean, what about Star Trek: The Picard Generation? Whose Picard Is It Anyway? Game of Picards? The $25,000 Picard-amid?! I just feel like, maybe if they’d given it another day or two something would’ve come to them...

Alison Pitt