The Orville Earns its First Emmy Nomination

The Orville , “Identity Part II”

The Orville, “Identity Part II”

Not wanting to be left out...The Orville has picked up its first Emmy nomination, and a handful of Saturn nominations, too.

The Seth MacFarlane-led Trek-adjacent show was nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, for the episode “Identity Part II”. In that episode, the malicious Kaylons have commandeered The Orville with the intent of destroying the Union. That episode culminates with a large space battle, almost more suited to the big screen, a la Star Wars, than broadcast television. It’s notable that The Orville has competition from Discovery in this category, for its episode “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”, which depicts a similarly epic space battle.

It’s also notable that The Orville is the only show nominated in its category to be aired on terrestrial, broadcast television. The other shows are produced by HBO, Amazon, CBS All Access, and Netflix, which makes its achievement all the more meaningful - regardless of whether it wins the final Emmy nod.

In the Saturn Awards, The Orville was nominated for Best Actor on a Television Series for Seth MacFarlane, Best Actress on a Television Series for Adrianne Palicki, and Best Science Fiction Television Series, an award that it won last year.

The Orville will have a presence at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, so listen in here for any news about season 3. And if you can’t get enough of The Orville, then head to your nearest comic book shop - The Orville #1 by Dark Horse Comics is out today.

Alison Pitt