ThinkGeek is Moving in With GameStop

Star Trek fans gearing up for convention season will want to hop to some online shopping, sharpish. announced yesterday that on July 2nd, it will be moving in with parent company GameStop. As a result, all merchandise on the current website is 50% off, and all sales are final.

From the ThinkGeek help page explaining the move: “After the move, you will be able to shop a curated selection of unique items historically found on via a ThinkGeek section at GameStop. [...] ThinkGeek has over 40 physical locations here in the US that will remain open. You can also find a selection of ThinkGeek items in over 3,700 GameStop stores.”

The page goes on to say that if you placed an order before Thursday, July 13th, you will have the option of a refund, but orders placed now through July 2nd are final sale only.

Long story short - if you haven’t already, it’s time to stock up on cosplay gear, franchise-branded clothes and toys from one of the best shops around - while you still can.

Alison Pitt