IDW releases “Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019”

IDW comics have been busy

Last week, they released the Star Trek comic “The Q Conflict #3”, yesterday I brought you news of the announcement of “Star Trek: Discovery - Aftermath”, and today, we have news that a special bumper issue of Waypoint has just landed on shelves. brought us this story with the tagline “Love Is in the Air Aboard the Enterprise” - which really only tells part of the story, but we’ll come back to that. From the article: “The story takes place on the USS Enterprise during the era of Star Trek: The Original Series. The story finds Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy struggling to deal with his romantic feelings for a Vulcan physician visiting the ship. He turns to an expert in the romantic arts for help, Capt. James T. Kirk.”

Shenanigans and capers, and yadda yadda. (I added that last part.)

The Bones story is just one of four in the Waypoint special. There are six previous issues in the series, and another bumper edition from 2017; IDW’s blurb for the 2019 special reads: “The anthology series celebrating 50+ years of Star Trek continues in this new oversized special. Featuring four all-new tales written and drawn by some of today’s top creators, this new installment of the hit Waypoint Special will revisit fan-favorite characters all across the Star Trek universe.”

Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019 is out today, and it’s available for around $7.99 US. You can buy a digital copy on IDW’s website, or get a physical copy from a comic book store near you.

Alison Pitt