Modiphius Announces New Star Trek Adventures Miniatures Sets

Fun fact: a month or so ago, I participated in Priority One’s 12-hour Star Trek gaming marathon for Extra Life. My friend Anthony led a group of intrepid gamers on a Star Trek Adventures tabletop adventure! On the internet. Listen, it works, I promise.

Anywho, for that event, we took our game digital, but if you are interested in playing IRL (that’s “in real life”), then you might want to consider enhancing your game with miniatures.

The website this week brings news of two new sets of miniatures from Modiphius Games, the makers of Star Trek Adventures. The set of Original Series-inspired away team members features men and women of a variety of well-known races, and since they arrive unpainted, you can have as many - or as few! - redshirts as you like. And the Iconic Villains set features villains from across the franchise, including Q, Lore, General Chang, the Borg Queen, Gul Dukat, Khan, and the Gorn Captain. Both sets retail for about $50 and are expected to be available in July.

That Extra Life fundraiser I mentioned is still open, by the way - head to and search for Priority One, if you’d like to make a contribution.

Alison Pitt