Brent Spiner Might Return to Star Trek but Probably Not

If you happen to see any headlines about an exclusive report that Brent Spiner is going to appear as a guest star on Star Trek: Picard, don’t click on that link! The story isn’t so much a story as it is a story about the fact that it’s not a story.

Here’s the deal: early on Wednesday, the website Revenge of the Fans posted an article with the title “Exclusive: Brent Spiner to Guest Star on Star Trek: Picard”. I can tell you the title because that’s what the URL for the page still says. But if you look for that page, you get a big, fat “Nothing to see here”. The article has been taken down. But not before it got picked up on a few news aggregators. My aggregator picked up only the following juicy snippet: “I can exclusively reveal that Spiner will be a guest star on Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access. Spiner played Lt. Commander Data on The Next …”

I’ve counted four other websites so far in my news feed, all reporting the same thing: hey, this guy posted an article that says something tantalizing but he took it down but wouldn’t it still be cool? In not so many words: “Nothing to see here”.

Now, that’s not to say that the rumor isn’t true. CBS is well-known for tightly guarding its secrets, especially around Star Trek production. But for now, there’s absolutely no indication that Brent Spiner will be having anything to do with Star Trek: Picard. But wouldn’t it still be cool?

I hope I saved you a click or two.

Alison Pitt