Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Has Not Been Asked to be in New Picard Series

Star Trek has well-established precedent for bringing alumni back for cameo roles in new series. But it sounds like we shouldn’t expect any TNG stars to make an appearance in the still-untitled Picard show. brings us a story from AwesomeCon over the weekend, where the cast got together on a reunion panel. A member of the audience asked the actors how they would feel to be asked to appear in the new show, especially since Dr. Beverly Crusher is known to have had a close relationship with Jean-Luc Picard. Gates McFadden responded: “Of course, I’d love to but I have not been approached.”

Marina Sirtis echoed the sentiment, saying: “None of us knows anything. They’re guarding that show like the nuclear codes.”

The Picard Show - almost certainly NOT the final title - started filming last week and is expected on CBS All Access this fall.

Alison Pitt