Destination Star Trek Announces Voyager 25th Anniversary Convention in Germany 2020

Star Trek: Voyager debuted wayyyyy back in 1995, which means that - yep! - it turns 25 next year, in 2020. In other news - get off my lawn!!

Yesterday, brought us the news that Destination Star Trek has announced that its next convention in Germany will have a distinctly Voyager theme. Quoting the piece: “This will be the seventh Destination Star Trek and the third to be hosted in Germany. The event takes place on May 8-10, 2020, at the Messe Westfallenhallen in Dortmund. ...Given that the show will celebrate Voyager’s 25th anniversary, the first guest to be announced is appropriate: Kate Mulgrew, who played Voyager’s Captain Katheryn Janeway, will headline the event and lead the celebrations.” The announcement was timed to also coincide with Kate Mulgrew’s birthday, April 29th.

For more information on the Germany convention in 2020, visit, where you can also find out more about this year’s convention in England, at the end of October.

Alison Pitt