CBS Releases Video of Discovery Stars Explaining What Makes Picard Inspirational

It isn’t just Star Trek fans who think Captain Picard is inspirational...Star Trek actors think he is, too. brings us news this week of a new short video from CBS, in which some of the Star Trek: Discovery cast, and showrunner and Star Trek head Alex Kurtzman explain why they think Sir Patrick Stewart’s character is so iconic.

Kurtzman said of Picard, “In some ways he is the ultimate captain and he is the ultimate captain because of his incredible decency, because of his incredible thoughtfulness, because he was always human, fundamentally, in the choices that he made even when the pressure was really, really high.”

Mary Wiseman, who plays Ensign Sylvia Tilly on Discovery, referenced Stewart’s Royal Shakespeare Company training, and that the combination of that and the Star Trek franchise is, in her words, “so special”.

Wilson Cruz, whose character Dr Hugh Culber has been through literal death and rebirth on Discovery, said of Picard, “He, for me, was the ultimate captain, the ultimate leader. I think right now, in this moment, we are all looking anywhere and everywhere we can for true signs of leadership and I think Picard is a great model for that.”

The video is the first in what is sure to be a steady stream of promotional material for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard, expected to debut later this year.

Alison Pitt