Florida Mansion with a Star Trek-Themed Home Cinema on the Market for $25 Million

If you’ve got a cool $25 million in change in your back pocket and you’re super into Star Trek, then have I got a deal for you!

SyfyWire brings us news that a Florida mansion complete with Star Trek-themed home theater, has hit the market. From the piece: “While most of us are bound to the limits of our beautiful planet Earth, Tony Award-winning producer, bold venture capitalist, and hi-tech entrepreneur Marc Bell has solved that problem by installing a Star Trek-themed wonderland in his sprawling Boca Raton, Florida, mansion.”

The home itself is 27,000 square feet, and boasts nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a giant lagoon-style swimming pool, a 2,000-square-foot arcade, and an FAA-approved helipad. Oh, and that Trek-themed theater. It’s a fully-functional cinema room with eight reclining chairs and projection screen...and it looks just like the bridge of the Enterprise-D, from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Bell explained his fandom to SyfyWire, saying: "I was 10 years old and my dad flew us to Florida for a conference, and when we got to the hotel there was no bed for my sister and I. They put two cots in a conference room and it had a big-screen TV. It was freezing cold out, so we couldn't go anywhere. They were playing a 24-hour Star Trek marathon on TV, and I'd never seen it before. I sat there in amazement and watched the entire marathon. That was my introduction to sci-fi and the series."

For more information, and pictures of the estate, visit marcbellrealestate.com.

Alison Pitt