Chateau Picard was the “Holy Grail” of Licensed Wine

Chateau Picard Bordeaux from Wines That Rock

Chateau Picard Bordeaux from Wines That Rock

Yesterday I brought you the news that interviewed Spencer Brewer (no pun intended) from Wines That Rock, about future plans for Chateau Picard.

But in the interview, Brewer also gave some great background on how they overcame licensing restrictions and wine regulations to bring the wines to our tables. Brewer revealed that Wines That Rock actually held a license from CBS prior to Picard, and were developing other products, when the opportunity to source the real Chateau Picard came up. He said, “We were asking ourselves: are we going to come out with a Klingon bloodwine? What are we going to do first? And then CBS told us that if there was any way for us to get the Château Picard — because that’s the holy grail — and they hadn’t been able to get it worked out with the vineyard up until that point.”

Brewer said the winery - the real Chateau Picard in France - was initially hesitant, but eventually agreed to produce the wine. “When they finally realized we were trying to be honorable, [...] and that this is real,” he said, “then they got it and became very excited to work on it.”

Brewer also gave some more details about the wine itself: “This is a cru Bordeaux. It’s slight in style, very elegant as a wine. It’s 85% cabernet and 15% merlot. It’s been aged in oak for 18 months before it even came online. This is a 2016 vintage, which we’ve now sold out of. We’re now going to run into the 2017. This bottle is really good to drink now, but it’d be fantastic in ten years.”

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