Discovery Producer Heather Kadin Says We’ll See More of “Calypso” Sometime “Down the Line”

Aldis Hodge in Short Trek “Calypso”

Aldis Hodge in Short Trek “Calypso”

Star Trek: Discovery referenced two of last year’s “Short Treks” in season 2, and that’s left fans wondering whether we will see reference made to others at some point in the future. A new interview with Discovery Executive Producer Heather Kadin recently implies that for at least one of them, the answer is a “yes”.

In season 2, two “Short Treks” were prequels to pivotal action we saw in the main series: in “Runaway” we met the queen of Xahea, Po, who came up with a way for Burnham to take Discovery into the future; and in “The Brightest Star”, we learned Saru’s backstory, which eventually led to the Kelpiens aiding the crew in the final battle. But what about “Calypso”, which was set far in the future? Now that Discovery herself has been propelled forward in time, will “Calypso” be part of the action?

In an interview with the website at the TCA press tour, Discovery Executive Producer Heather Kadin indicated that it was all but a done deal. When asked if we would “see more of [Calypso], or was that one and done?” she replied, “The idea originally, I think, was just to tell these standalone stories that, in themselves, would be their own thing, and then the more in love with each one of them we became, the more we decided we really wanted to use them. [...] We definitely want to deal with that story in particular down the line, and especially with that actor, Aldis Hodge. He was magnificent. So you’ll see sometime down the line, for sure.”

Kadin didn’t mention the Rainn Wilson-led Harry Mudd “Short Trek” “The Escape Artist”.

Star Trek “Short Treks” - including “Calypso” - are available to stream now on CBS All Access.

Alison Pitt