Experience Apollo 11 - in Real Time

Apollo 11 in real time

Apollo 11 in real time

If you ever wanted to experience the thrill of a real space mission - as it happens - then you’ll definitely want to check out Apollo 11 in Real Time.

ApolloInRealTime.org is a “real-time journey through the first landing on the Moon”. When you join in the mission, you can experience all the different parts of the moon landing, including Mission Control film footage, photographs, more than 200 hours of space-to-ground audio, and astromaterials sample data. Even that is just a tiny fraction of all it has to offer.

As the mission progresses in real time, you can choose to listen in to ground control, read commentary, or view photographs or video as it happened. From the website: “Footage of Mission Control, film shot by the astronauts, and television broadcasts transmitted from space and the surface of the Moon, have been painstakingly placed to the very moments they were shot during the mission, as has every photograph taken, and every word spoken.”

You can spend hours exploring every last detail of the mission, or just have it in the background, like you were watching it on the day, it’s up to you. Head to apolloinrealtime.org and have a go for yourself.

Alison Pitt