HBO is Relaunching “From the Earth to the Moon”

Apollo 11 mission patch

Apollo 11 mission patch

The website reports that HBO is relaunching “From the Earth to the Moon”, its 1998 miniseries chronicling the Apollo missions. The miniseries, made up of 12 hour-long episodes, was co-produced by Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Michael Bostick, and featured appearances by several notable actors including Cary Elwes, Sally Field, Bryan Cranston, Mark Harmon, and others. The series cost an estimated $65 million to make.

With the announcement, HBO said, “To celebrate the [Apollo 11] anniversary, the standard definition visual effects have been replaced with brand-new CG effects that are based on reference models from NASA.” All 12 digitally-remastered episodes will be available to watch from July 15th on HBO Go, HBO Now and HBO on Demand, followed by a marathon of the complete series on HBO2 starting at 8.45 am eastern on July 20th.

HBO is also releasing the miniseries on Blu-ray. That version will have audio remixed in Dolby ATMOS and a special featurette called “Inside the Remastering”. The Blu-ray will be available in stores on July 16th.

Alison Pitt