Cosplay Hero Brooke Wilkins Has Great First-Time Tips for Fans

Star Trek cosplay

Star Trek cosplay

For anyone new to the convention circuit, the idea of cosplay can be both exciting and terrifying. To be clear: cosplay isn’t required at conventions, but many people choose to do it, and conventions can be a fun, safe place to try dressing up as your favorite character. But if you’ve never cosplayed before, where do you start? published a story this week, from veteran cosplayer Brooke Wilkins, on the basics of what you need to know to cosplay for the first time. Among her tips: “Don’t take it too seriously. We’re all just pretending and playing dress-up.” Also, with regards to the costume itself, “If the person wearing it has that shine of joy in their eyes, it’s a successful costume.”

As far as practical advice, her top tip is: “Make sure it fits! [...] If the costume you own fits on your body, both you and it will look good.”

Wilkins also emphasizes self-care and being respectful of other cosplayers. She says, “The costume may cover your body, but it reveals a bit of your heart. So be kind to yourself and to others in costume. We’re bearing our souls to each other here.”

I highly encourage you to go and read the full piece. Brooke Wilkins is a well-known cosplayer at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention and even runs Garak’s Tailor Shop there, so she really knows her stuff.

Alison Pitt