Star Trek Online Lead Designer Al Rivera Posts Victory Is Life Notes

Al “Captain Geko” Rivera on Twitter

Al “Captain Geko” Rivera on Twitter

Star Trek Online fans this week got a sneak peek at some video game history.

Al “Captain Geko” Rivera, Lead Designer of the hit MMORPG game, posted a picture on Twitter recently, showing off a whiteboard with handwritten notes. The caption for the picture read, “Don't remember if I shared these early STO X4: Victory is Life story brainstorm notes.  Its fun to look back on these”.

Victory is Life was the fourth Star Trek Online expansion, which came out this time last year. The storyline was based on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and featured the voice talents of almost the entire cast of the show, including Rene Auberjonois, Nana Visitor, Alexander Siddig, Andrew Robinson, and more. On Rivera’s whiteboard, you can read comments like “Heist Sword of Kahless”, “Kira pass Kai mantle to Opaka”, and under the heading “Missing Moments”, “Kill Weyoun”.

No spoilers here...If you want to know the full context of the notes, you’ll have to play the game. And of course, for players who already completed Victory is Life, they should get some fun insight into how the expansion was made.

Alison Pitt