Star Trek Online: “Rise of Discovery” Update Comes to PC

A huge Star Trek: Discovery star is beaming into Star Trek!

A piece from io9 carries with it an exclusive trailer for the new “Rise of Discovery” update, starring Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma, patching on PCs today. Xbox One and Playstation 4, ever the unlucky little siblings, will see the update on June 25th.

From io9: “The update—which includes two new ‘featured episodes’ of story content, a new reputation for players to establish, and other quality of life updates—sees players travel back to the early days of the Klingon/Federation war glimpsed in Discovery’s first season.

There, they’ll meet two very familiar faces aboard the doomed U.S.S. Buran: Commander Ellen Landry, played by Rekha Sharma, and Captain Gabriel Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs.”

io9 notes that it’s unclear as yet whether the Lorca we meet is the real Lorca or Mirror Lorca, who we knew from Discovery season 1. Nonetheless, players can look forward to seeing the infamous destruction of his ship, the Buran, and getting to know Lorca the man a bit better.

I highly recommend viewing the trailer on io9, and downloading Star Trek Online from immediately after.

Alison Pitt