Gersha Phillips Says the Red Angel Suit was “Comfortable” and Easy to Wear

Star Trek: Discovery’s Red Angel suit, at the “Fight For the Future” exhibit

Star Trek: Discovery’s Red Angel suit, at the “Fight For the Future” exhibit

Even though the voting for Emmy nominations has closed, we’re still getting more details about how Star Trek: Discovery was made. released a video last week speaking to Gersha Phillips about some of the costume design choices she made. The interview also featured footage from Discovery’s “Fight for the Future” event which finished this weekend in Los Angeles.

In one part of the video, Phillips focused on the development of the Red Angel suit. She revealed that the suit worn by Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell was one of her inspirations. She also revealed that the history of the suit changed partway into designing it. She said, “when we first were given it, it was said that the suit was a thousand years in the future and then it turned out to be a suit that [Burnham’s] mom was wearing from the past.”

Phillips also mentioned that according to the cast, the suit was comfortable and easy to wear, unlike some other famously-uncomfortable costumes. She said, “I remember hearing about Gary Oldman not being able to move in his Dracula suit, and also the Batman suit. So I think once you can get them so that they can actually function and still do what they need to do, the actress, it's really great.”

Star Trek: Discovery is hoping to receive an Emmy nomination for Phillips’s costumes this year...Emmy nominations will be announced on Tuesday, July 16th.

For pictures from the “Fight for the Future” event, you can view my gallery on Flickr.

Alison Pitt