Designing the Future: Disco Design Team at the Paley Center

Star Trek: Discovery took to the Paley Center for the third and final Emmy “For Your Consideration” event on Wednesday evening. covered the event, and recapped it in an article yesterday. Fans attended the event, which was a screening of the season two episode “If Memory Serves”, followed by a panel of designers. The panel consisted of costume designer Gersha Phillips and makeup designers Glenn Hetrick and James MacKinnon, and was moderated by actor Mary Chieffo.

The designers covered how they brought to life the character designs from this season of Discovery. With Chieffo, they discussed the prosthetic and costume changes they made, and how they were different, and refined from season one. They also discussed the evolution of characters such as Airiam, and the Klingon Kol-Sha played by Kenneth Mitchell.

Towards the end of the panel, they also discussed Captain Pike’s scars, when he confronts the future vision of himself on Boreth. James MacKinnon said, “That was a quick makeup. That was not long, maybe an hour and a half? [These scars were] the quintessential makeups of The Original Series and I wanted it to feel very real, but we wanted it to make sense and remind us of the way that Pike looked [originally].”

Mary Chieffo added: “It's a very intense moment, and it was so poignant because the realistic nature of it brought the reality of that choice, right in front of us.”

The Paley Center for Media is still hosting the Discovery: Fight for the Future exhibit, now through July 7th, and voting for Emmy nominations opens next Monday, June 10th.

Alison Pitt