Game Company Lucid Sight Brings Star Trek Ships to their Blockchain-powered Game

A game development company is bringing the Enterprise to blockchain.

VentureBeat brings us the story today of game development company Lucid Sight, the makers of CSC, or Crypto Space Commander. Lucid Sight have recently partnered with CBS Interactive to bring the USS Enterprise and other iconic Star Trek ships to CSC, for a limited time only.

Quoting the VentureBeat piece: “CSC (Crypto Space Commander) is an open-universe game in which players command starships to mine, harvest, and craft items that are secured by the Ethereum blockchain. For a limited time, a selection of the most recognizable starships from Star Trek will be sold as unique digital items.”

Fazri Zubair is the chief technology officer at Lucid Sight. In a Medium article yesterday, he said, “Star Trek inspired me at a young age to pursue a career in technology, it is such a privilege to get the chance to bring Star Trek into a new frontier with the first blockchain U.S.S. Enterprise.”

He goes on to explain the technology: “All items in CSC including Star Trek event items are secured to the Ethereum blockchain as a True Digital Item. Each item and ship created are given blockchain and index serial numbers based on the order created. This public record of creation and ownership will persist on the Ethereum Blockchain and cannot be modified. The ownership record of these items also cannot be changed (even by us, the developer) without the secure consent of the item owner via the Ethereum blockchain. [...] Using blockchain technology, CSC will empower player-owned economies where all game assets can be traded and sold in-game or in marketplaces.”

“The game has been in development for over a year and is currently targeting initial release late Summer on Steam,” Zubair said.

I have so many questions...starting with: what’s a blockchain?

Alison Pitt