Feel-good Story of the Week: Tulsa Couple Found Love Through Star Trek

A feel-good story that shows how Star Trek can bring people together...and sometimes even help them find true love.

An article on TulsaWorld.com yesterday highlights the story of Tyree and Tabitha Jones, two Trekkies who met and fell in love after volunteering at a Star Trek convention. They met through a common acquaintance when they both volunteered at Trek Expo, a Tulsa Star Trek convention that ended in 2012. He was named after a character in the TOS episode “A Private Little War” and she was born on the 10th anniversary of the premiere of The Original Series.

Tyree and Tabitha’s first date was a Trek Expo volunteer meeting at an IHOP. After the meeting, they hung around and talked. At first they didn’t see much of each other, outside the convention volunteer meetings, but they talked on the phone, and soon found that they were compatible in more ways than just Star Trek.

Tyree and Tabitha have been married now for 6 years, and despite the fact that Trek Expo is no longer running, they still stay active in the fandom. They are in the process of binge watching all of Star Trek - they’re up to season two of Enterprise - and Tabitha is one of the admins of the “Friend Trek” group on Facebook. From the article: “The group is mostly for former Trek Expo volunteers so they can meet regularly like they did during the con’s heyday, but it’s open to anyone interested in ‘geekdom.’ The group meets the third Sunday of every month. ‘The only rule is no drama,’ Tabitha said. ‘Bring somebody, and you’re responsible for them.’”

Tyree, for his part, offered a pearl of wisdom on why he thinks Star Trek will be around forever: “Trek will never die because there will always be somebody new introduced to it one way or another, and it will just carry on.”

Alison Pitt