New Visual Effects Reel Highlights How Star Trek: Discovery Was Made

As part of the push for Emmy nominations, the Star Trek: Discovery visual effects team published a video last week, highlighting some of the most striking visual effects from Discovery season 2.

In a tweet, Star Trek on CBS All Access shared the video with the caption, “From a child's imagination to an epic space flight, see how the Star Trek: Discovery VFX team brings the most visually stunning moments to life.”

In the video, the VFX team showcases a series of scenes from the show, first, as they are seen in the final production, then pared back to the original film, and then built up, layer by layer, back into the final product. Some of the scenes they show include the holographic dragon young Spock creates in the season opener, how they made the Saurian Linus blink, and how they created both the landing pods and the asteroid debris from the episode “Brother”, when they rescued Jett Reno from the USS Hiawatha.

Anyone interested in a taste of how they created the VFX magic in the latest season of Discovery would enjoy watching this little featurette. Emmy nomination voting starts next Monday, June 10th, so expect to see a few more featurettes like this in the near future.

Alison Pitt