William Shatner Says He Would Return as Captain Kirk

William Shatner is apparently still up for playing Kirk, even after all these years.

Ahead of his appearance in Seattle next week, Shatner spoke on the phone to Charlie Harger from KOMO News Radio. In the touching interview, Harger asks Shatner about his fear of death, how he got Walter Koenig to open up on his Biography Channel show Raw Nerve, and what it’s like for him, interacting with fans.

They also touch on Shatner’s forays into music. Harger brought up his collaboration with Ben Folds - the wonderful album “Has Been”, which features artists such as Jarvis Cocker, Henry Rollins and Brad Paisley, among others. When asked whether he would work with Ben Folds again, Shatner said, “It’s really up to him. It was perhaps the most successful of the albums that I’ve done.”

He went on to explain that he’s working on a blues album and possibly a documentary explaining the tight-knit blues community and his entree into it. He said of the venture, “It’s an interesting quest, and I think it would make an interesting documentary. So I’m attempting to do both.”

At the end of the interview, Harger asked Shatner a final, bonus question: “Would you ever consider returning to the role of Captain Kirk?” To which Shatner replied, “I certainly would. You know? A well-written thing? I certainly would. Absolutely.”

William Shatner is appearing at McCaw Hall at Seattle Center as part of the Unique Lives & Experiences lecture series. His lecture begins at 7.30pm next Monday, June 10th.

Alison Pitt