ISS Enterprise Revealed as Hallmark’s Convention-Exclusive Ornament for 2019

Star Trek 2019 Convention Exclusive Hallmark Ornament

Star Trek 2019 Convention Exclusive Hallmark Ornament

Hardcore Star Trek collectors will want to make sure they’ve got their convention tickets at the ready.

Two and a half months after Hallmark revealed their 2019 keepsake ornament lineup, they’ve finally announced convention-exclusive ornaments across their range of licensed properties. brings us the story today that this year’s convention-exclusive Star Trek ornament will be the ISS Enterprise, the Mirror Version of the Original Series Enterprise, as seen in the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror”. The special ornament will be available at San Diego Comic Con in July, the Star Trek Las Vegas convention in August, and New York Comic Con in October. There will only be 3,475 units produced, at a retail price of $40 each.

TrekCore also noted that a customer help page on the Hallmark website implies some extra functionality with your special ornament. Quoting TrekCore: “While not specifically mentioned in today’s announcement, it is likely that the ornament may feature audio from ‘Mirror, Mirror’ as part of its functionality, but we’ll confirm once we have a unit in hand.” The Hallmark help page, for its part, says that it “plays memorable moments from the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ episode.”

Alison Pitt