Jonathan Del Arco on Star Trek: Picard: “Hugh is on a Borg Cube”

Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh the Borg

Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh the Borg

Jonathan Del Arco has appeared in a new video for, talking about his return as Hugh the Borg, and revealing at least one new detail about the plot of Star Trek: Picard.

Del Arco talked about his experience as an immigrant and how it helped him portray Hugh in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s original run. “When you're playing a character who has been disconnected from the collective and his longing for home,” he said, “[it] was not that much of a stretch for me to tap into that feeling of being lonely.”

He also said that returning to the show was a great opportunity to use his own experiences to help portray how Hugh’s life has changed since we last saw him. He said, “I am about to come back as Hugh the Borg after 20 [something] years. It's been a really great journey recreating him because so much has changed in his life and likewise in my own life.”

Ending the three-minute spot, Del Arco also described the sets for Picard as being “epic and large”, and said that being on the sets was “mind bending”. Then he dropped the biggest nugget of all, and revealed, “I will tell you that Hugh is on a Borg cube, whatever that means to you.”

Star Trek: Picard is still slated to premiere in “Early 2020”.

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