Marina Sirtis Hopes the Picard Show Will Go Back to “Morality Plays”

Marina Sirtis’s Counselor Troi was an invaluable adviser to Captain Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now Sirtis plays counselor in her own right and weighs in on what she’d like to see from the new Picard Show.

The Big Issue out of the UK has an interview with Sirtis, in which she acknowledges that she doesn’t know much about what the show will be like. But she knows what she’d like it to be. Sirtis says: “The original show and TNG tackled issues of the time and I think I would like it to do that again. It felt like we were doing a little morality play every week. I loved that about our show. Star Trek has lost that a little bit. I think if we go back to that with Patrick’s show that’ll be really good – because we’ve got a lot to talk about right now. We have issues to discuss.”

The still-untitled Picard Show is filming now, and expected out later this year. In other news - still-untitled? Still?

Alison Pitt