New Official Star Trek Podcast “Prime Directive” to Premiere This Fall

Star Trek: Lower Decks  at San Diego Comic Con

Star Trek: Lower Decks at San Diego Comic Con

During Star Trek’s big Hall H panel at Comic Con this weekend, Star Trek supreme leader Alex Kurtzman introduced a new Star Trek property - but this one is not for television. Coming this Fall, Star Trek is launching a new official Star Trek podcast, called “Prime Directive”.

Speaking at the panel on Saturday, Kurtzman talked about the podcast being a part of Trek’s 53-year-old “cultural conversation”. He said, “We'll bring in people who are involved with shows and they'll talk about their experiences on the shows. But we also want to bring in people who haven't necessarily been on the shows, but have been deeply influenced by Star Trek and talk about its influence on science and [its influence] on everything in the world. [...] We're at an incredible moment right now where I think the cultural conversation that Trek has enabled for so long needs to be loud and strong and proud. And that's what this podcast is going to be.”

Kurtzman also introduced the host of the new show, and star of Lower Decks, Tawny Newsome. Tawny Newsome is the current co-host of the podcast, “Yo Is This Racist?” so she already knows her stuff. She emphasized that “Prime Directive” wouldn’t be a recap show. She said, “It’s just gonna be general themes talking with people who are maybe loosely connected to the [Star Trek] world, other fellow fans. I’m pumped.”

It’s worth mentioning here that Alex Kurtzman mistakenly implied in his announcement that this would be the first official Star Trek podcast. That honor actually goes to “Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast”, which ran weekly for two years starting in the summer of 2016, hosted by Jordan Hoffman. And of course, not forgetting the wealth of fan-produced podcasts out there as well.

“Prime Directive: The Official Star Trek Podcast” is due to premiere in the Fall, and in the meantime, may I humbly recommend you hit up for some other excellent Star Trek podcasts that are already available, for your listening pleasure.

Alison Pitt