Star Trek Fluxx Creator Looney Labs Announces New Star Trek Chrono-Trek Card Game

If you, like me, can never get enough of Star Trek games, then you’re in luck. The makers of the hit card game Fluxx - which has several Star Trek versions - has announced their new game, Chrono-Trek.

Andy Looney, half of the husband-and-wife team of Looney Labs, wrote on his blog this week: “This August, we will be releasing Star Trek Chrono-Trek, a time travel card game based on the full history of the Star Trek universe. [...] It’s based on my classic time travel card game, Chrononauts, but it also improves on the original design in many ways.”

From the description of Chrononauts: “To win, you must change history at key points called Linchpins, so that history transforms into the Alternate Reality your character calls home. [...] But be careful - if you create too many paradoxes, you could destroy the entire universe!”

Looney’s blog post, in addition to announcing the game, also goes into detail about what timeline sources from Star Trek he used to create the game. The sources include events, people and objects from all across Star Trek. Sadly nothing from Discovery is included, but the prime universe films are.

Alison Pitt