New Photos Surface of Star Trek: Picard, Filming on Location

It feels like only yesterday that we knew practically nothing about Star Trek: Picard...Oh, wait, that was yesterday. Well, it’s yesterday no longer. Now, it’s today.

Newsweek tells the story about how a hapless group of conference attendees in Anaheim, California, happened to stumble upon an outdoor set for Star Trek: Picard. Employees of TestOut Corporation took some selfies and a couple snaps of the set, just outside the Anaheim Convention Center, all the way back on May 2nd. The pictures appear to be garnering attention now, since they bear some resemblance to the still we saw yesterday from CBS’s upfront clip.

From the Newsweek piece: “Taken from a distance, the photos are too grainy for fine details, though eagle-eyed observers on the Star Trek subreddit take the absence of clearly visible rank pips at the collar to indicate that we’re seeing cadets, rather than seasoned Starfleet veterans.”

Star Trek: Picard is filming in Southern California as we speak, and expected to start streaming late this Fall.

Alison Pitt