Jonathan Frakes Wraps His Block of Star Trek: Picard

After several weeks of relative silence regarding Star Trek: Picard, director Jonathan Frakes has confirmed that he’s completed directing episodes three and four.

Yesterday, Frakes tweeted a picture of the Star Trek: Picard logo, and the message: “Thanks to the galaxy class cast and crew [of Star Trek: Picard.] That's a wrap”. Earlier in the day, series writer Michael Chabon also posted a picture on Instagram, of himself hugging a grinning Frakes, with the caption, “In the embrace of the god of exuberance. He directed our second block, wrapped yesterday, and how we will miss him, grand in every sense of the word.”

Frakes was due to direct episodes three and four of Star Trek: Picard, following on from Hanelle Culpepper, who directed the first two. No confirmation yet on when the remaining six episodes will be filming, or who will direct.

Alison Pitt