Alice Eve Returns as Carol Marcus for Star Trek: Fleet Command

A Star Trek veteran is joining the cast of Star Trek: Fleet Command.

A piece from highlights a new promotional video that actor Alice Eve published to her Instagram account yesterday. In it, she plays herself and her role from Star Trek Into Darkness, Dr. Carol Marcus. The caption read, “Carol Marcus has just joined the recruits in @StarTrekFleetCommand! Tap the link in my bio to download. #StarTrek”

Star Trek: Fleet Command is described as “the first free-roaming multiplayer Star Trek experience to combine role-playing game style progression and real-time battles with enemy ships—all on mobile devices. A fast-paced strategy experience, the game brings players unparalleled access to the Star Trek universe along with an epic narrative that unfolds as they travel to the furthest corners of the galaxy.”

Star Trek: Fleet Command is set in the Kelvin Timeline, and as writer Mike Johnson noted in an interview with last November, “It starts just before Star Trek Beyond. Our story will encompass the events of Beyond, and then we'll go... beyond Beyond.”

Alison Pitt