Filming Has Started on Block Two of Star Trek: Picard

Filming has started on episodes three and four of Star Trek: Picard. noted over the weekend that Hanelle Culpepper, who was directing episodes one and two of the new series, tweeted that she was done filming. Quoting the tweet: “I've wrapped and @jonathansfrakes is filming his block now.”

Star Trek: Picard is filming its ten-episode run in five blocks of two. It has already been announced that Hanelle Culpepper would be directing the first two episodes, and that veteran Star Trek actor and director Jonathan Frakes would be directing the second two. Last week, Frakes tweeted out a picture of himself and Sir Patrick Stewart, saying “Back on the floor [with] this guy”.

There have been no further announcements regarding who will direct episodes 5 through 10.

Alison Pitt