Jonathan Frakes Hints That He Might Be Starting on Star Trek: Picard

It looks like Star Trek: Picard might be onto filming episodes 3 and 4...If not now, then soon.

Jonathan Frakes tweeted a picture yesterday of himself and Sir Patrick Stewart, with the caption: “Back on the floor [with] this guy”. He tagged Stewart and @startrekcbs - the Twitter account for Star Trek on CBS All Access.

In the picture, Frakes and Stewart appear to be sitting in a restaurant, and Frakes has his arm around his former on-screen captain. We expected this moment to come sooner or later; after all, Frakes has already confirmed that he will be directing episodes 3 and 4 of Star Trek: Picard. But with this picture, it looks like “sooner or later” may be leaning toward “sooner”. No official word yet on whether production on episodes 3 and 4 has started, but the timing is right; shooting on Star Trek: Picard started exactly a month ago, on April 22nd.

Alison Pitt