David and Scott Tipton Preview “Star Trek: The Q Conflict #4” from IDW Publishing

The IDW comic book series “The Q Conflict” is an epic Star Trek crossover involving crews from four of Trek’s most beloved series. And the latest issue, #4, is due out later this week.

Writers David and Scott Tipton talked to StarTrek.com this week about what to expect from the fourth installment in the series. When asked what challenges they faced working with multiple crews and therefore multiple fanbases, Scott Tipton said, “I think the biggest challenge is making sure that each series and its characters get their due and their time in the spotlight. [...] We’re working really hard to make sure that the DS9 and Voyager crews are as much in the thick of things as the TOS and TNG crews are.”

And while neither writer would commit to which of the four teams was their favorite, they did give some hints as to the fates of the crews. David Tipton said: “I think as we will see in issue 4 and later, in many ways the competition between the teams is not quite as important as it was initially, as the stakes become higher and events begin to eclipse a mere contest.”

Scott also declined to choose a team, but he did say that Kirk’s team was the most fun to write. In his words: “As always, Captain Kirk remains unflappable.”

David also left readers with some parting, teasing words regarding the end of the issue: “Issue four does not end the way you might expect. That’s all I can say for now!”

“The Q Conflict” issue #4 of 6 is due in stores tomorrow, May 22nd.

Alison Pitt