Artist David Messina on “The Q Conflict #5”

IDW’s “The Q Conflict” is an epic Star Trek comic series, bringing together the crews of four series for the biggest Star Trek crossover storyline of all time. sat down with artist David Messina to discuss the latest outing in the series, the fifth of six issues. describes this issue: “The contest for the ages continues as the captains race to capture the one exotic creature that Trelane is missing from his intergalactic menagerie—a Borg Queen! But as the god-like beings revel in the games, the crews are hatching a plan of their own.”

Messina revealed in the interview that the aesthetic for the series, like the story, is something of a crossover. He said of the series’ visual elements, “I worked looking for a ‘melting point’ between the aesthetic of the classic show from the 60's/90's and the new J.J. Abrams movie and Star Trek: Discovery. In this way I'd try to create something completely new like the old shows were shot today.”

Of the story’s characters, Messina said that Picard and Spock were his favorites to bring to life, partly because “they were played by awesome actors with really interesting faces.” He also said that he had thought to draw Q as tall and creepy, always in shadow, but in the end, decided to stick to the version of Q as played by John deLancie.

When asked what he hoped readers would take away from this issue of “The Q Conflict”, Messina said “I'd love if they can feel the complexity and the dark charm of the Borg's hive and Guinan's sweet wisdom, of course (I have a soft spot for that character!).”

“Star Trek: The Q Conflict #5” is out in comic stores now.

Alison Pitt